App Development Best Practices -1 (Version Control)

4 min readMar 29, 2020

This is an article series on app development best practices. We use react as an example but most of the practices are framework agnostic and in general applies to software development

Version Control is one of the very important aspect of software development. It is one of the first things that needs to be setup before beginning any new project. Software development working without version control is a big NO and you will shoot yourself in the foot very soon.

Version Control lets you

  1. Track changes to your application source code
  2. Help manage releases and documentation
  3. Help collaborate with other developers

Git is one of the most popular version control system. One some OS (ex mac) Git Client comes preinstalled. You can also install for your platform from Git.

I have a app bootstrapped from create-react-app and I have modified the title from Learn React to Mitt Butik

create-react-app initialises the project with git, if git is already installed on your computer. You can see the .git folder that has created. Otherwise, the command used is

  1. git init : creates the necessary files that makes this directory recognisable as a git repository
  2. git status : gives you information on what has been changed

3. git add : adds the files to make it ready to be committed

4. git commit: will commit the changes and marks it with a recognizable checkpoint (commit hash). This command takes a paramenter -m which is used to provide a human friendly message. The message is to briefly indicate the description of the changes. Ex: git commit -m "Updated Title to Mitt Butik"


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