My house build journey : Design

7 min readMay 2, 2020

In the previous article, I shared my experience about how I bought a site (tomt ). In this article, I will share about how I made up my mind on the house design.

Since the inception of building a house had struck my mind. I had started sketching in various forms. Some in my thoughts, some on papers and searching for house design tools. Then I discovered Google SketchUp. I believe this tool made 3D design easier and affordable at least for people like me. I am no way near expert but can manage. Some old designs intended for build in a different country.

Grand Designs is another show that became one of my favourites which is a UK based architecture TV series where people usually share their unique house design idea and journey towards achieving it. Some are self builds. Mine is not a self build although I have to get my hands dirty in various phases and due to budget constraints but we will see when we get there. There is a Swedish equivalent of Grand Designs called as HusDrömmar on SVT. Some of my colleagues suggested I should apply to be on this show :)

The climate where we build has a big influence on the design of the house. Coming from a tropical country, back then my design thoughts were about getting the right layout, framing structure, sunlight, cooling etc. I did not know about insulation, heating, ventilation which are major factors to consider especially in cold countries.

In search of design inspirations, spent many hours of YouTube and reading a lot of articles about building design and techniques.

One of the thoughts was container houses but gave up on that after thinking about the practicality and not so good effects of spray foam insulation, space constraints etc

This particular model was one of the candidates for some time . It is called the Containers of Hope. Checkout this video as well.

Oh btw, One does not really have to go through all the steps involved in building house. If you go for a totalentreprenad (most house builders that offer)…


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