My house build journey : Technical consultation (Tekniska Samråd)

6 min readJun 28, 2020

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After I had received by my building permit (bygglov), I had a bunch of items to be completed before I could have a technical consultation meeting with the municipality. It took more time than anticipated. The time can be summarised by 4Ds.

Drawings, Delays, Decisions, Detour

Technically, :) technical consultation meeting can be held as soon as the building permit gains legal effect(after 4 weeks of bygglov decision unless appealed). A good amount of time could have been saved with better planning and preparation, but at that point my main goal was to apply for bygglov as soon as possible which was my best decision at that point. Nevertheless, once I had most of my pending items finalised, I requested for a meeting with the municipality. The meeting involved 3 people.

Byggnadsinspektor (Building inspector from municipality),

Byggherre (Builder i.e Me),

Kontrollansvarig (Control Manager ).

My kontrollansvarig was on the phone since he is not allowed to travel as per health agency recommendations for people over 70 years of age.




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