My house build journey : StartBesked (Start Message)

4 min readOct 4, 2020

Finally, I received my start message.

There is at least one bank in Sweden who looked at things objectively and was able to provide byggnadskreditiv (building credit).

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I sent them my produktionskalkyl (production cost calculations) which includes the cost breakdown of everything from downpayment, buffers, contract amounts for all the work and explained the build process a bit and waited with crossed fingers 🤞. They came back with a positive response and gave a lånelöfte (loan promise). After this step there was förhandsvärdering (pre-evaluation). The bank or their partner real estate broker analyse the property and come up with how much it is worth. I had to send more details such as neighbourhood map, site map, construction drawings, approved building permit. The pre-evaluation result should be closely comparable to my production cost calculations. I had my fingers crossed again🤞 . It took about 2 weeks but finally got a positive answer on this as well. It matched my production cost calculation but they included even my buffer costs but that is ok. The challenge will be to keep it under the budget.

Förhandsvärdering approval is an essential step because only after that I was able to actually sign the contracts and mutually commit. I updated my CLT contractor and we discussed on what date could be suitable for installation and few other things. There were some minor adjustments in the contract wordings that had to be done. Signed the contract with CLT frame installer. It is set to be installed in the week 50. Oh and btw, we signed it digitally using BankID through Kivra. I like to keep things in digital format and I was looking for some online service to sign contracts. Some were paid ones but Kivra had a free service. I asked my CLT contractor if we could sign using that and he gladly accepted (Vi provar. Spännande!).




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