My house build journey : Stalled by Bank Bureaucracy

3 min readAug 16, 2020

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I had 3 more steps to complete and I could get the Startbesked (Start Message), but unfortunately it wasn’t just 3 more steps.

Having lived in Sweden for about 10 years, I completely forgot that things come to a stand still during July-August. But that was not the big problem. Responses were delayed but I still managed to get some offer quotes from different companies. Almost close to finalizing the foundation contract. The quote from the company who was offering to do most of the work turned out to be out of my budget. So, finalized the first CLT contractor whom I have been having a long email conversation for close to about a year now. He has been very patient in answering questions and also agreed to do the secondary (for insulation) framing part as well which will make it easy for the insulation company. I also had visited some of the constructions that they had done. I also managed to find a good offer for spraying cellulosa (cellulose) insulation.

All that I needed was to get the bank to approve byggnadskreditiv (building credit loan) but I was unpleasantly surprised. The bank that I had hoped for, took a U-turn and said that they don’t provide byggnadskreditiv for deladentreprenad form (shared contract form). But when I had spoken to them many months ago, I had clearly explained it was deladentreprenad form and explained how the construction will be done. They were positive at that point and had given the lånelöfte (loan promise) then. The person who I spoke many months has moved to a different role now and I was directed to another colleague. They setup a meeting with the local office. The local office say that deladentreprenad form is higher risk than totalentreprenad form. This is understandable but debatable. They cite instances where one of the customers had gone along deladentreprenad form path and they had paid in advance and contractors didn’t coordinate and it ended up with more costs than expected. But based on this instance, it would be unfair to say that the only solution to that problem is totalentreprenad form for which they will offer byggnadskreditiv.


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