My house build journey : Roof , windows and the contractor hell problem

8 min readDec 30, 2022

[Writing this article after a super long gap. Have moved in.]

This article is about roof and window installations.

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The main lesson learnt is this leg of the journey

“If a contractor decides to mess with you , you have no other option other than getting messed one or the other way”.

  1. The work is delayed.
  2. The contractor leaves the job half way.
  3. The contractor does a shabby job.
  4. The stress of finding another contractor. Crazy difficult to convince another contractor clean up someones shit.
  5. Weather can impact the half finished work.

In my case, all of the above happened and even more.

It started with this contractor who did the weather proofing work. Let’s call this contractor as Contractor C. The contractor C was recommended by one of my acquaintances who had built a similar CLT house. With my limited choices of available contractors and time pressure with the municipality I had to select some one. So went with this guy. I must admit he was very helpful and nice initially. (or I was under that influence where the bar is so low, any work done was felt nice :) ). Anyways, the work was decent but not great in detailing. I had to fix a bunch of stuff after their work. They did take a lot of time for the weather proofing work as I mentioned in my previous post which cost me a big chunk of my budget.

Roofing work: The roofs were delivered in week 14. The roof type that I chose is the standing seam metal roof. It is usually referred to as klicktak in Swedish. It is installed by clicking one roof on the standing seam of the other roof panel.


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