Foundation is a very crucial step of a house build. Many things have to go right. This part of the journey was like driving in a super slow moving traffic with many traffic jams.

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There were many steps and checks involved in the foundation process.

Rough demarcation (Grovustakning):

Rough demarcation is the first step and is usually carried out by the municipality or by a certified GeoTechnical company on behalf of the municipality. The rough demarcation is done according to the situation plan. The situation plan is a drawing which shows where exactly on the site map the building will be placed. The data from the situation plan along with some geo measurement instruments were used for the rough demarcation. A blue paint along with a stick was put up at the four corners.

GeoTechnical Assessment with Shaft Bottom inspection (SchaktBotten Besiktning)

Shaft Bottom inspection is carried out as part of the protocol for any constructions. Normally they don’t need to be supplemented with an additional geotechnical assessment. In my case, I believe it was due to the geotechnical report that I got from the municipality which mentioned that there were some loose soil in few places which were removed and filled back as part of the site preparation. This was kind of like cross verification step. Thinking about it, I am not exactly sure why this responsibility was passed to the home owner. Anyways I had a Geotechnical company who did the inspection.

Two sample points were dug up to about 1–1.2m deep. The soil pressure was measured using a metal…


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