My house build journey : Building permit (Bygglov)

In the previous article, I shared about the house design. In this article, I will share the details about bygglov, building permit process.

While SketchUp is good for amateur design and experimentation, it is not optimal ( at least I am not knowledgeable enough) to generate the kind of professional drawings required for building permit application. Normally one would hire an architect and they would do the design, modelling, drawings, visualisations, 3D renderings, solar studies and much more. I did not get an “architect” architect but got professional drawings done from companies. There seems to be a bunch of them that specialise in all or some of the drawings .

Bygglov is the word in Swedish for building permit. And ritningar is the word for drawings often called together as bygglovsritnignar

I sent my sketch up design to this company and after some back and forth communication the following designs were finalised.

To apply for bygglov, we need the following drawings

  1. Situation plan: how the house will be placed on the site. One of the reasons why nybggnadskarta that we discussed in previous articles is essential.

FG here is for FärdigGrund . Completed floor height from 0 level is 57cm at that particular location on the site. There is also the sockelhöjd, pedestal height (part of the slab foundation above 0 level). It was a bit of back and forth confusion and communications, finally understood.

2. Floor plans:

3. Facade plan: Quite important for municipality. How it looks from outside. Along with this, I had to mention what material (bricks) will be used and their NCS colors or product description brochures.

4. Section drawings: Two section cut drawings. one along North-South axis and another along East-West axis

Once these drawings were finalised, I filled up the application form and the company I hired for these drawings assisted in sending in the application along with the drawings.

After receiving the application, the municipality sends an acknowledgment that they have received it. I received that in about 2 days. Then after few weeks I got an email asking about kontrollansvarig, a person who is responsible for reviewing the construction at different checkpoints independent of the developer/contractor. I had not selected one, because I was under the impression that it was not mandatory at the bygglov application (also confirmed by the company that made the drawings). But it was needed. I guess it varies from municipality to municipality. So I started searching for one. I put up an ad on this site called service finder and got few offer quotes. I asked for references from each of them . Sent messages to references. Selecting/hiring someone is a tricky decision. There can be extensive scientific analysis and debates on how a reference provided from the person you intend to hire could be biased 😃. I chose the one where the one of the kontrollansvarig reviews was normal compared to other kontrollansvarig reviews in which all were excellent. Also it turned out to be best offer in terms of money. Every decision is a trade off. You win some lose some. Will see in the end.

Immediately after finalising my kontrollansvarig, notified the municipality.

Then it was waiting time. After a few weeks I got the building permit decision. And it said

which means the permission has been granted with the need for technical consultation ieTeksniskt samråd , Technical consultation as the name implies deals with technical details on how the whole construction process be executed, what checks to be done, what guidelines needs to be followed etc.

And it also said in the decision that,

which means

It is the developer who has full responsibility for the Planning and Building Act and the Environmental Code, and that the technical property requirements according to the Planning and Building Regulation, BBR and EKS are met.

Documents for Technical consultation:

  1. Control plan proposal: This is prepared by kontrollansvarig. As I understand, it contains details on what needs to be inspected at different stages of construction.
  2. Construction drawings: These drawings include details about foundation, wall section, roof construction, measurements, materials used etc.
  3. Geotechnical assessment shaft bottom inspection.
  4. Plumbing and drainage drawings (outer and inner).
  5. Energy balance calculation
  6. Water and drainage connection application to be submitted to Municipality Service Administration
  7. Measure of expert release to be submitted to Municipality Service Administration — If I understand correctly, I think this will be done before foundation digging where some people from municipality will come and mark the correct boundary.
  8. Broadband connection
  9. Completion Protection: An insurance or a guarantee that construction will be completed. I am not sure who should get this, Is it me or the contractors that will be hired for different stages
  10. Radon safe pipe installation: This needs to be handled during foundation.

The confusing piece was “The above documents must be submitted before or during the technical consultation”

I mean, some of the steps like “Geotechnical assessment shaft bottom inspection” cannot be done before we get a start message but here it says it needs to be there on or before “technical consultation”. I started searching for companies that offer Geotechnical assessment services(very few who offer for building private villas, most of them work only with big companies). I managed to find one company, who was kind enough to take initiative and clarify this confusion with municipality. Then we got the clarification that when excavation will be done for foundation, a geotechnical expert needs to inspect and certify the bottom shaft. This check is to ensure there is no loose soil and foundation is being built on stable ground. If loose soil continues too deep then foundation method becomes complex and expensive. It was mentioned in purchase contract that the loose soil has been removed and filled up and site is being sold roughly terraced. Still I was a bit worried. Found the neighbours contact detail who had already built the house and checked with if he had to do any special foundation. He was kind enough to talk and explain that he didn't had to do any special foundation. A little relief but we will know when the geotechnical assessment will be done. 🤞

The other confusing part was that “The building authority calls for technical consultation with one week’s notice after the building permit gained legal force, 3 weeks after receiving notice of this document”. I think that is next week but neither have all the drawings nor received any intimation for technical consultation.

Status at the time this article was first published.

Days left for final inspection: 328 days

  1. Control plan proposal needs to be prepared by my kontrollansvarig but he needs the construction drawings.
  2. Construction drawings are being prepared by the company that I hired for bygglov.
  3. Looking for and shortlisting plumbing and drainage drawings. Unfortunately the current company didn’t have certified persons that can do these drawings.
  4. VA application form needs input from the Plumbing and drainage drawings.
  5. Deep down in a rabbit hole of heat pumps and ventilations systems. Geothermal heating is ruled out as I got clarification from municipality that the soil is not well suited for that heating. Waiting responses if there is possibility of providing district heating. Researching about other heating pump systems. With respect to ventilation, FTX system is a must but understanding which product to go with. Let me know if you have any inputs here.
  6. Applied for Broad Band connection. This was the only easy step so far I have managed to do.

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