My house build journey : Building permit (Bygglov)

6 min readMay 10, 2020

In the previous article, I shared about the house design. In this article, I will share the details about bygglov, building permit process.

While SketchUp is good for amateur design and experimentation, it is not optimal ( at least I am not knowledgeable enough) to generate the kind of professional drawings required for building permit application. Normally one would hire an architect and they would do the design, modelling, drawings, visualisations, 3D renderings, solar studies and much more. I did not get an “architect” architect but got professional drawings done from companies. There seems to be a bunch of them that specialise in all or some of the drawings .

Bygglov is the word in Swedish for building permit. And ritningar is the word for drawings often called together as bygglovsritnignar

I sent my sketch up design to this company and after some back and forth communication the following designs were finalised.

To apply for bygglov, we need the following drawings

  1. Situation plan: how the house will be placed on the site. One of the reasons why nybggnadskarta that we discussed in previous articles is essential.

FG here is for FärdigGrund . Completed floor height from 0 level is 57cm at that particular location on the site. There is also the sockelhöjd, pedestal height (part of the slab foundation above 0 level). It was a bit of back and forth confusion and communications, finally understood.

2. Floor plans:

3. Facade plan: Quite important for municipality. How it looks from outside. Along with this, I had to mention what material (bricks) will be used and their NCS colors or product description brochures.


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